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Spiritual Heartbeat


Revisit and take a second LOOK!!!

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 6:19 PM
Okay my bloggers, be patience with me for I will start keeping you posted about what I am doing throughout the ministry and my everday life as a mother, friend, sister, praise dancer, and minister of the Gospel. Okay, here we go!!!!
It was an honor to hear the word of the Lord through apostle Chuck Pierce from Glory of Zion last night here in Houston, TX at Texas Southern University.  Why?  Because throughout the day I have been searching and seeking the Father on what road or path to go on to complete this end of the Georgian calendar.  I am in preparation for the Uganda mission trip in May 2014 next year while gathering Christmas items for the children this year.  Please click link to support the vision.
Meanwhile, the presence of God filled in my heart and he spoke to my heart to redo my testimony cards.  He spoke to me that he would send me out to bless many that are in need of healing and deliverance and to set them free by the anointing of God, (Acts 10:38). Therefore, that is what I did most of the day.  I worked on my testimony but then I fell into this druggy sluggish mood.  
I had my computer on a TV series and a phrase spoken that shook my soul that the devil will not stop until he stops you; for he hates you (humankind).  I still was dragging alone realizing how much the enemy hates God and  his sons and daughters.  It is a battle of authorities BUT we already won.  Then suddenly my spirit felt charge enough to put my clothes on and get to the service.
The velvet warriors had to minister in dance and I knew I had to be there to support Min. Willis for she is part of the House of Zion’s. 
However, my soul needed a word from the Lord.  Have you ever felt no matter what you did you still needed to hear from heaven. I knew the spirit of God never fails me and Praise the Father,  I am so glad that I went to the service. For the word of declaration came forth saying, “Re-live, revisit your testimony,” for at that place deliverance will come forth to others and at that place, God will give you another testimony for this NOW season.
People of God I was so renew with this word.  I encourage you all, that sometime you may feel stuck, dragging alone BUT do not forsake the assembly of the righteous. For you may be missing your on time word that will help you move forward towards your destiny. Take a second look at your dreams, goals for the upcoming year. You may be surprise at what is waiting for you. A fresh new look.  Be bless today and I pray that I was able to stir your inner man with this heart reflections, today. Shalom!
Much Live from above,
Min. Doniel

Categories: A word from the Father

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